New HTML 5 block-level elements

09 Mar 2009 by David Corvoysier
The HTML 5 specification introduces new block elements that can be used to structure documents:
  • section: represents a document or application section (a content column for instance),
  • article: represents an independent piece of content inside a document/section (a blog entry for instance),
  • aside: represents a piece of content not directly related to the displayed content (typically a sidebar),
  • header: represents a document header,
  • footer: represents a document footer,
  • nav: represents a block of navigation links (typically a blog navigation bar),
  • dialog: can be used to render a chat session, using complementary dt (talker) and dd (quote) tags,
  • figure: can be used to provide textual information about an embedded content,
  • address: represents a document/section contact block,
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